My process

Painting feels to me like a necessity, it’s a passion that I do not get enough of and which makes me happy. The effort to relax.

Secondly, it is a continuous awareness of creation, change and challenge, progress and sometimes regression, a persistence in improvements, a process being worked, a constant balancing act between control and letting go or happen, between emotion and reason, between happy, bright colors and neutral colors, …

Usually I do not know in advance how my work will end, I start to paint and the painting is being created “en route”: through the painting process, by sweeping away and paint over again, watching and re-examinating, by saving the coincidences  arising to make them part of the final result … Actually you can see it as a walk with brush and paint on a surface, a journey in search of a destination. The trip is usually not pre-mapped, it is created on the move. This way I can get lost, but in the end I’ll always go somewhere, maybe to a nicer destination then provided?

I am inspired by

Cy Twombly because of his color palette that is sometimes working with only a few colors, sometimes very colorful and diverse

Wannes Lecompte because of the fragility of the brushwork, the simplicity of the results (sometimes consisting of only a few lines).

Joan Mitchell, I particularly like the brushwork interesting, alternating between fragile and direct brushwork, between large surfaces and thin strokes.

Hollis Heichemer, she uses fascinating colors and a combination of quiet surfaces and eye-catchers that are more crowded.


Group exhibitions


20/10 until 28/10/2018 – “KBC Artclub”, De Markten, Oude Graanmarkt 5, 1000 Brussel, Belgium


16/06 until 25/06/2017 – “Laureaten tentoonstelling SLAC” – Oude drukkerij, Koning Albertlaan 50, 3010 Kessel-Lo, Belgium

27/04 until 1/05/2017 – “Week van de amateurkunsten”, De Wildeman Herent, Belgium

2016 – “Eindejaarstentoonstelling”, SLAC Leuven, Belgium

2015 – “Eindejaarstentoonstelling”, SLAC Leuven, Belgium

2014 – “Vesalius stukken van mensen part II”, SLAC Leuven, Belgium